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Once Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. accepts your booking by confirmation thereof, a contract is made between Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. and you upon the terms and conditions set below.
  1. Reservation / Deposit / Full Payment
  2. Cancellation
  3. Change Penalties
  4. Accompanying Children and Infant
  5. Travel Documents
  6. Accommodation
  7. Air Transportation
  8. Tips & Taxes
  9. Tour Prices
  10. Meals
  11. Baggage
  12. Travel Insurance
  13. Responsible and Disclaimer

1. Reservation / Deposit / Full Payment
1.1. No booking will be made during a quotation is being offered.
1.2. You are required to write in your acceptance of the offers for us to make reservation. A confirmation will be given subject to availability.
1.3. A contract is only made between you and us upon your booking being confirmed and accepted by us and our communication thereof to either you or your agent.
1.4. A full prepayment is required to confirm your reservations.
1.5. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of your reservations.
1.6. We accept payment via cash / cheque deposit / telegraphic transfer (TT) to our banking account at either account listed below.
Bank OCBC Bank Berhad CIMB Bank Berhad
Account No. 765-111598-9 1012-0000083-10-8
Account Name Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd.
1.7. Due to nett price offered by us, therefore all bank charges incurred for the remittance must be paid by the payer.
1.8. We also honour Visa and MasterCard for credit card payments. A 3% bank charges on total payment charged is applicable if payment by credit card.

2. Cancellation
2.1. Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to change or cancel your booking in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control.
2.2. Should cancellation prove necessary, we will inform you in advance, and where available, offer you a comparable alternative. If an alternative is not available, you will be entitled to a full refund of the payment made to us.
2.3. In the event if you cancel the tours and/or tour packages, the following cancellation fees will apply for cancellation of reservations. The purchase of travel insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment. Click here to purchase travel insurance now.
2.4. All cancellations must be in writing and received by Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd..
2.5. Your deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation made by you.
2.6. There will be NO REFUNDS given for ANY unused (or part) services, ground arrangements, sightseeing, meals or hotel accommodations.
Tour Packages Mt. Kinabalu Climbing Package
Cancellation made Cancellation fee Cancellation made Cancellation fee
Within 14 working days 50% of total tour fare Within 60 working days 90% of total tour fare
Within 7 working days 75% of total tour fare Within 30 working days 95% of total tour fare
Within 72 hours 100% of total tour fare Within 14 working days 100% of total tour fare
No show No refund No show No refund

3. Change Procedure and Fees
3.1. Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to change your booking in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control.
3.2. In the event if after the booking has been confirmed, you wish to make changes to the tour packages or travel dates, you may do so subject to availability.
3.3. For all confirmed tour packages, changes received up to 60 days prior to departure, the first change procedure is free and any subsequent changes incur a process fee of RM10.00 per change made. For change made 30 days prior to departure, the procedure fee is RM50.00 per change.
3.5. Once documentation is issued, any changes thereafter will be RM100.00 per change for re-issuance of any documentation.

4. Accompanying Children and Infant
4.1. Child refers to any child ages ranging from 2 to 11 years old. Infant refers to those ages 2 and below. Advance notice must be made when there are children and/or infants travelling with adults. For those who are 12 years old and above are considered as Adult.

5. Travel Documents
5.1. It is the responsible of the individual traveler to ensure that proper documentation is obtained in advance of the trip.
5.2. Each passenger must be in possession of a valid passport, which must be valid for more than 6 months AFTER his or her return date of travel.
5.3. Visa requirements must be made for travel to certain countries and/or areas.
5.4. Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. will not be held responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation.
5.5. Each traveler should check with the embassy of our country before visiting to verify the required documents.
5.6. Any missed tours, flights, services and additional charges incurred as the result of improper documentation is the sole responsibility of each traveler and the above stated cancellation penalties and amendment service charges apply.

6. Accommodation
6.1. All hotels used in our packages are carefully selected.
6.2. Hotel rooms are "run-of-the-house" unless stated otherwise.
6.3. Room size, features and amenities may vary from each hotel to another.
6.4. All hotels' room size, features and amenities are subject to change without prior notice.
6.5. We reserve the right to substitute hotels of the same or similar category.

7. Air or Ground Transportation
7.1. We do not provide ticketing services for air transportation.
7.2. Each individual traveler is required to purchase air ticket on their own or with other ticketing travel agencies.
7.3. We provide ground transportation such as airport limousine, tour van, tour bus or coach, rent-a-car, luxury car and boat.
7.4. Unless otherwise stated, all land transportation prices stated in our packages only applies to pick up and drop off time in between 0800hrs to 2159hrs.
7.5. Transport arrangement other than above mentioned time range is chargeable by additional 50% of the price.

8. Tips & Taxes
8.1. Except for airport departure taxes and customs user fee, all taxes at the hotels are included.
8.2. However, tips of a personal nature have not been included.

9. Tour Prices
9.1. Prices stated do not include the following: Airport departure taxes, charges for passports, visas, excess baggage, and items of a personal nature.
9.2. All fares and rates are based on tariffs, rates, prices and foreign exchange levels in effect and are subject to change.

10. Meals
10.1. Meals specified in the respective itineraries will be provided.

11. Baggage
11.1. Specific questions regarding luggage requirements and/or restrictions should be directed to the airlines used in each tour/package/reservation.

12. Travel Insurance
12.1. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance including Health and Accident Insurance.
12.2. Fly Travel (Sabah) offers a Basic Travel Tour Fare Protection.
12.3. Brochures are available and phone numbers provided for questions or suggestions on purchasing insurance to meet your needs.
12.4. Neither Fly Travel (Sabah) nor any of its suppliers shall be responsible for luggage that is lost or damaged during the air or land portion of your tour.

13. Responsible and Disclaimer
Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd., Lot T4-1A, 1st Floor, Beverly Hills Industrial & Commercial Park, Jalan Bundusan, 88300 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia and or its agents act only in the capacity of agent for its travelers in making arrangements for transportation, hotels and other services that are incidental to the travel that is being purchased. As agent for the travelers, Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. makes the following disclaimers: It does not assume any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident, or delay due to any act of any carrier, hotel, restaurant, company or person rendering any of the service included in the tour. It does not assume any liability or any injury, damage, death, loss, accident or delay caused by strikes, civil disturbances, hostilities, act of war or other force majeure. Further, it accepts no responsibility for any damage or delay due to machinery breakdown, quarantine, weather, or caused beyond its control. It accepts no responsibility for any omission, delay, rerouting, additional expenses, or other events resulting from improper heath certificates, or necessary documents to enter or depart a country, or acts of any government authority. It also reserves the right to decline, to accept or to retain any person as a member of the tour. It reserves the right to adjust the itinerary or to substitute hotels or to cancel a tour prior to departure.

Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. does not own or operate any of the suppliers of services or accommodations for your trip. As a result, it is not responsible for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such supplier or of any other third party over whom Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. has no control.
  1. 預訂 / 訂金 / 全款繳付
  2. 取消訂單
  3. 更改附加費
  4. 孩童與嬰兒
  5. 旅遊證件及其他文件
  6. 住宿
  7. 航空安排
  8. 小費與稅務
  9. 團費
  10. 餐飲
  11. 行李
  12. 旅游保險
  13. 責任與免責任聲明

1. 預訂 / 訂金 / 全款繳付
1.1. 當我們接受您或您的代理人已確定的旅遊訂約,而雙方具互相溝通后,我們的合約將立即生效。
1.2. 預訂訂約時每人須繳付RM200.00 訂金。(*除了京那巴魯攀山配套及潛水課程配套,請參閱1.7。)
1.3. 如訂約金額總數少于每人RM200.00,則須繳付全款。
1.4. 尾數須在出發60天前全數付款。
1.5. 如未能在指定日期繳付全數款項,客人將有可能失去原先的訂約。
1.6. 如訂約在出發前60天內預訂,客人須在訂約時繳付全款(客房預訂确认均会视乎供应情况而定)。
1.7. 由于名額有限,預訂京那巴魯攀山配套及潛水課程配套時,客人須繳付配套總額之50% 作為訂金。
1.8. 我們接受VISA及 MasterCard 信用卡付款。請到信用卡持有者授權頁進行款項繳付。
1.9. 我們也接受現金或支票付款予華僑銀行 (OCBC Bank Berhad) 或聯昌銀行 (CIMB Bank Berhad) 戶口。
1.10. 所有款項將付予以下銀行戶口:
銀行名稱 華僑銀行(OCBC Bank Berhad) 聯昌銀行(CIMB Bank Berhad)
戶口名稱 Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd.
戶口帳號 765-111598-9 1012-0000083-10-8

2. 取消旅遊行程或旅游訂單
2.1. 當于運作上的需求或其他本公司控制范圍以外的因素,飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司保留其取消您的旅遊行程或旅遊訂約之權利。
2.2. 當我們有必要取消您的旅遊行程或旅遊訂約時,我們將會給予事先的通知,并給予您其他建議或選擇 (如有) ;如沒有其他選擇時我們將會對該取消的行程或訂約退回您已付還的款項。
2.3. 如您想取消已預定的旅遊配套時,我們將會收取以下所列出的訂約取消費。對于保障您的投資,我們在此建議您購買旅游保險。請按此購買旅游保險。
2.4. 一切旅遊行程或旅遊訂約之取消必須以書信方式通知飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司。
2.5. 對于您作出的旅遊行程或旅遊訂約取消,我們將不退還您已付還的款項。
2.6. 當您取消您的旅遊行程或旅遊訂約時,我們將不會對一切還未使用或享受的服務、行程安排、觀光遊、餐食或酒店住宿進行退款。
旅遊配套 京那巴魯山/神山攀山配套
取消期限 訂約取消費 取消期限 訂約取消費
出發前14工作天 團費之50% 出發前60工作天 團費之50%
出發前7工作天 團費之75% 出發前30工作天 團費之75%
出發前72小時 團費之100% 出發前14工作天 團費之100%
沒有出席 無退款 沒有出席 無退款

3. 更改手續及費用
3.1. 當在運作上的需求或其他本公司控制范圍以外因素的狀況下,飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司保留其更改您的旅遊行程或旅遊訂約之權利。
3.2. 當您在已與我們確定您的旅遊訂約后想作出更改,您可以書信與我們聯絡,而預訂确认均会视乎供应情况而定。
3.3. 欲在出發前60天內更改任何已確定的旅遊合約,其第一次更改將無附加手續費,接下來的更改將每次另加RM10.00更改手續費。欲在出發前30天內更改任何已確定的旅遊合約,其每更改之更改手續費為RM20.00。
3.5. 當正式旅遊文件已發出,任何其后的更改將每次另收RM50.00以重新發出旅遊文件。

4. 孩童與嬰兒
4.1. 孩童指的是介于兩歲至十一歲的小孩。兩歲以下之小孩屬嬰兒。如有孩童和/或嬰兒隨團,家長須在預訂時特別聲明孩童及嬰兒的年齡。十二歲及以上者均屬成人。

5. 旅遊證件及其他文件
5.2. 每位旅客必須確保其護照自回程日期算起至少還有六個月的有效期限。
5.3. 由國外到訪沙巴的游客有必要確認您所需的護照及/或签证。
5.4. 飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司將不負責辦理有關進出境之簽證或護照。
5.5. 每位旅客有必要向您鄰近的馬來西亞領事館查詢有關到來沙巴州,馬來西亞旅遊所需的證件及文件。

6. 住宿
6.2. 除非特別聲明,否則酒店預訂將不限房型。
6.3. 每間酒店之房間尺寸、特征及客房用品將互不相同。
6.4. 各酒店將隨時更改其房間尺寸、特征及客房用品等設施。
6.5. 當有必要時,我們保留以同等級酒店替換原先確定之酒店的權利。

7. 航空或地接交通安排
7.1. 我們沒有提供航空訂票服務。
7.2. 我們建議您自行或到其他航空代理公司購買您所需的機票。
7.3. 我們提供地接交通安排如機場的士、旅游迷你巴士、旅遊巴士、租車服務、豪華車及旅遊船運服務。
7.4. 除了含特別注明,否則所有陸路交通安排之價錢只限制與早上八點至晚上九點五十九分。
7.5. 如所需的陸路交通服務不在以上限定時間內,我們將會向您另外征收其安排原定價之50%附加費。

8. 小費與稅務
8.1. 除了機場稅務及關稅,其他酒店稅務已包含于我們的旅遊配套。
8.2. 然而隨心小費將不包含于我們的配套。

9. 團費
9.1. 所有團費不含:機場稅務、護照及簽證費、行李超重費及一切私人需求或費用。
9.2. 所有團費價格將由于貨幣兌換率的影響而有所更改。

10. 餐食
10.1. 已包含的餐食將在旅遊行程表里有所注明。

11. 行李
11.1. 旅客有必要在作出您的旅遊配套或行程預訂時,直接向航空公司詢問有關行李規定及、或限制的課題。

12. 旅游保險
12.2. 飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司有提供基本旅遊保險。
12.3. 為了達到您的需求,我們將提供廣告宣傳冊及有關電話聯絡以解答您想知道有關我們的旅遊保訊息。
12.4. 飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司及所有其合作旅遊業者將不會為旅客在空陸行程時所造成的行李遺漏及損壞付任何責任。

13. 責任與免責任聲明
飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司, Lot T4-1A, 1st Floor, Beverly Hills Industrial & Commercial Park, Jalan Bundusan, 88300 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia 及其代理公司只為協助旅客代辦其旅遊交通、酒店住宿及其他旅遊細節和服務。作為各旅客的旅遊代辦公司,飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司欲宣明以下免責任聲明:對于任何航空公司、酒店、餐館、公司或個人的行為而對旅客導致的損傷、破壞、死亡、損失、意外或時間耽誤,我們將無法作出任何保證或承擔。對于罷工、內亂危機、敵意、戰爭行為、或其他不可抗力因素而對旅客導致的損傷、破壞、死亡、損失、意外或時間耽誤,我們也將無法作出任何保證或承擔。我們不會對任何機械故障、隔離、氣候或任何在我們控制范圍以外的因素而導致的破壞或耽誤作出任何保證或承擔。我們也不會對旅客對于本國家及政府要求的健康報告書或有關文件所犯的的錯誤而造成被忽略、耽誤、(班機)更改路線、額外費用或其他狀況作出任何保證或承擔。我們將也保留拒絕、接受或保留任何人成為我們的旅客的權利。我們保留對旅客在出發前更改行程、替換酒店或取消旅遊的權利。




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