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1. Q: How reliable is compare with other websites or agents?
A: is hosted by Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd.. Fly Travel (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. is an Inbound Travel Agent registered by Law under the Minitry of Tourism Malaysia. We are also a listed member for Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) and a member under the Sabah Tourism Board. For all travel agents to get approved and certified by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, we MUST first to become a member of MATTA. All our services provided will be according to the code of ethics set by the Ministry. Hence, you can trust us as your agent in handling all the arrangement you need for travelling in Sabah.
2. Q: How can I secure a tour package booking through
A: When you send in your enquiries to us through, we would proceed and generate a customize itinerary for you. After you are satisfied with the itinerary, you can then confirm us and make a deposit. In such, the tour package booking is secured for you.
3. Q: Why should I book my tour packages in advance?
A: Booking your tour packages in advance would give you a hassle-free and enjoyable trip in Sabah. We will arrange your accommodation, transportation and all that is necessary to ensure that you can fully utilize your time here and enjoy every moment of it.
4. Q: I do not find any tour package in the website which suits my travel preferences. Can you design a tour package according to my travel preferences?
A: YES. It can be arranged. Please send in your enquiries and we will tailor made a tour package just for you.
5. Q: Do you provide air ticketing services?
A: Unfortunately, no. We highly recommend that you book your air tickets online or through your local travel agents. Sabah is serviced by many airlines, such as MALAYSIA AIRLINES, AIR ASIA, DRAGON AIR, KOREAN AIR, ASIANA AIRLINES and ROYAL BRUNEI AIRLINES just to mention a few, which connect our cities to the world.
6. Q: How do I ensure that my personal information provided to the website will not be used by other parties?
A: Please check our Privacy Policy.
7. Q: What are the common languages in Sabah?
A: Most locals speak English and Bahasa Melayu. However, Mandarin and Cantonese are widely spoken among the Malaysian Chinese.
8. Q: What is the difference between a licensed Malaysian travel agent and a non-licensed Malaysian travel agent?
A: Non-licensed travel agents are not registered with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and hence it is operating illegally and is not working accordingly to the code of ethics set by the Ministry. If you encounter any accidents while hiring their services, your travel insurance will not be valid. Hence, your interests are not secured.
9. Q: Is travel insurance a necessity?
A: We strongly recommend our customers who are visiting Sabah to purchase travel insurance to secure a peace of mind while travelling. We provide services to assist our customers to obtain travel insurance locally if necessary at additional costs.
1. 問: 請問和其他網站和代理公司的比較, 可靠嗎?
答: 是由飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司主控。飛揚旅遊(沙巴)有限公司是註冊於馬來西亞旅遊部(Ministry of Tourism Malaysia)的一間入境旅行社。我們不但是馬來西亞旅遊促進局(MATTA)成員之一,而且也是沙巴旅遊局(Sabah Tourism Board)的成員 。如果旅行社要得到馬來西亞旅遊部的認可和準證,我們必須先成為馬來西亞旅遊促進局(MATTA)的成員。我們所提供的服務都會依據旅遊部的道德守則。因此,您可放心將您的沙巴之旅的行程安排交托給我們。
2. 問: 通過, 我要如何確認我所要的旅遊配套?
答: 一旦您將您的詢問通過www.fly2sabah.com轉達給我們,我們會詳細地為您考量并訂做一份旅遊計劃書。當您滿意此計劃書,請給予我們一份同意書,并給予付款。 您的旅遊配套因此將被確認。
3. 問: 為甚麼要預訂旅遊配套?
答: 預訂旅遊配套能讓您享受一個輕松自由又愉快的沙巴之旅。我們會為您安排住宿,交通等所需的,確保您可以善用您在沙巴的時間,并享受每一刻時分。
4. 問: 我在網站里找不到適合我的旅遊配套。請問您是否能為我量身訂做一個呢?
答: 能,我們能為您安排。請將您的詢問轉達給我們,我們會為您安排您所要的旅遊配套。
5. 問: 請問您有機票預定服務嗎?
答: 不好意思,我們沒有此服務。不過,我們建議您在網上或您的當地擁有機票預定服務的旅行社預訂您的航空機票。沙巴亞庇有很多直飛國際或國內航班來往,如馬航,亞航,港龍,大韓航空公司,韓亞航空公司,汶萊皇家航空等等。
6. 問: 請問能否確保其他人或非屬公司不會濫用我在網站上所提供的個人資料?
答: 請查詢我們的私隱政策
7. 問: 請問沙巴的共同溝通語言有哪些?
答: 大部分的沙巴人能講英文和馬來西亞文。不過,絕大部分的沙巴華人用華語和廣東話溝通。
8. 問: 請問有注冊的馬來西亞旅行社和沒有注冊的旅行社有甚麼不同?
答: 沒有注冊的旅行社是沒有向馬來西亞旅遊部合法登記,因此他們是不合法的,而且他們沒有遵守馬來西亞旅遊部所訂下的道德守則。一旦您在雇用他們的時候發生意外,您的旅遊保險和其他相關保險將不被認同及接受。因此,您的利益沒有保障。
9. 問: 旅遊保險是必不可少的嗎?
答: 我們強烈建議我們的客戶訪問沙巴時購買旅遊保險,以確保安心旅行。我們能以額外費用協助我們的客戶獲得當地的旅行保險。


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